Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm.

Girl with Turquoise Jewelry, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm

Indigena con Bebe, oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm


Ernesto Godinez was born in Jalisco in 1979 and developed his artistic creativity from
an early age.  He studied art at the University of Guadalajara and was an apprentice
to the renowned David Villaseñor who was a master painter of realitic Mexican images.
He has a love for the Mexican culture and is dedicated to preserving images of the
adorable children, the costumes of the various regions, the folkloric dances, the flowers,
and other typical scenes.

Two Horses, oil/canvas

Hibiscus flowers, oil on canvas

Mexican Kitachen, oil on canvas

Landscape, oil on canvas 

Jazz, oil/canvas,20 x 20 inches

Niña Purepechja, oil on canvas, 80 x 100

Jazz Musician, oil/canvas,20 x 20 inches
Bailarina II, oil, oleo, 61 x 61 cm.

Bailarina III, oil,oleo, 61 x 61

Cantaros, oil, 130 x 60 cm

El Mariachi, oil on canvs, 60 x 60

El Toro, oil on canvas,

                                                      OSWALDO OROZCO

 This 28 year old artist grduated from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in fine art
and has mastered the techniques of oil and mixed media painting, working
in three different styles--realism painting still life and figures, impressionism
and abstraction, using lots of texture.
He won first prize in a Jalisco art contest for high school students at the age
of 17 and has since displayed his art in an individual show in Zalatitan, Jalisco,
selected works in the prestigious Salon de Octubre at the Ex-convento del
Carmen in Guadalajara, a collective exposition for emerging artists in
Guadalajara, "Cuaco" an exhibition sponsored by the daily newspaper
El Informador and his first exhibition in Puerto Vallarta at Galeria Vallarta.

In 2012 he was honored with a one man show at the Ex-Convento del

Carmen in Guadalajara and has been working with art as a social message,as

well as various Mexican themes.




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